family home care in home healthcare care provider spending time with her patient helping

So Kind

“(Our caregiver) was very gentle and caring when it came to helping Mom with her showering and washing her hair. There was always a goodbye hug when (our caregiver) left. Mom just loved her. Always on time or earlier if needed.”

“(Our care managers) were very cordial on the phone and came out one or two times to the apartment. Communication was great.”

“Everyone who my Mom came in contact with was so kind to her. Thank you so much.”

- Caryl

Care provided for 4 months

Very Professional

"Very professional! Responded quickly to our unscheduled daily care needs and covered hours well...Response time to changes were above the call of duty and communication of changes was great!"

"Good people, providing a needed service. Thank you for your understanding of older people."

- Paula

Care provided for over 2 years

Helpful & Friendly

“You do a good job - very pleased. Always helpful & friendly on the phone.”

- Robyn

Care provided for 3 months

Caring, Attentive & Professional

“(Our caregiver) is caring, attentive, professional, and always lending an extra “hand” in Mom’s care. We can’t thank (our caregiver) and Family Home Care for being a part of our family in many ways!”

“Thank you for being there to make a difference in Mom’s life!”

- Celia

Care provided for 2 months


"Enjoyed the care provided to me. Stephanie was a superior provider to me."

- John

Care provided for over 1 year


“Our regular caregiver…was excellent. She was always on-time (or early) and took great care of my mother. An excellent service that is available to families 24-hours-a-day. An amazing service for families that need help caring for a loved one.”

- Kerry

Care provided for 1 year

Above & Beyond

“(Our caregivers) were both great. (Our care manager) went above and beyond - offered personal help on day when I had unexpected dental appt.”

- Vicki


“(Our caregiver) was my dad’s favorite caregiver. Did an “awesome” job.”

- Rich

Care provided for 8 months

Very Pleased

“Very pleased with my experience.”

- Kathleen

Care provided for 3 weeks

Peace out of Chaos

“This was an emergency set up…your company responded quickly and efficiently. Family Home Care was instrumental in making Margot’s last hours comfortable and peaceful. You made a very stressful situation much better.”

“Your manager was knowledgeable and hands on. He took control and created a peaceful situation out of a chaotic one.”

- Guy

Care provided for 24 hours

Very Responsive

“(Our care managers) were very responsive. (Our caregiver) is wonderful.”

- Susan

Care provided for 6 months

Presence, Knowledge, & Ability

“I couldn’t have coped as well without their presence, knowledge, ability to help with other matters such as needed calling and filing.”

- Marge

Care provided for 2 days

On Time

“(Our caregiver) arrived minutes before time making sure she was on time. Excellent dependability and overall experience.”

- Dian

Care provided for over 6 months


“Excellent quality of work. You were always helpful when I called in and the billing people were great to deal with.”

- Penny

Care provided for 1 year

Very Excellent

“Quality of work - very excellent.”

- Charlie

Care provided for 3 months


“(Our caregiver) was fabulous!”

- Karen

Care provided for 2 weeks

Very Grateful

“Family Home Care took care of my parents, (our caregivers) are wonderful, they helped me at the last minute. Very very grateful to them.”

- Bonnie

Delightful & Helpful

“(Our caregiver) was a delightful lady and I enjoyed our time together. She was extremely helpful and she assisted me greatly in getting organized.”

“My thanks to (our care manager) who assisted me in getting a physical therapist to come and see me at home. It was so appreciated.”

“I would use your services again and recommend your services to others.”

- Judy

Care provided for 1 month

Reasonable & Pleasant

“Service was exactly as represented. Very reasonable and very pleasant.”

- Allen

Care provided for 4 weeks

Very Professional

“(Our caregiver) was very professional. He quickly assessed our situation, helped me make a plan-of-action and found solutions for our difficulties. Family Home Care: on our list for future visits!”

- Kim

Care provided for just a few days


“(Our caregiver) was terrific. I called on the Friday (late afternoon) before Easter. She turned her car around and came by.”

- Evelyn

Care provided for 5 days

Excellent Experience

“Worked with us beautifully.”

- Jean

Care provided for 3.5 months

Very Caring

“They were very helpful, very professional. (Our caregivers) were all very caring.”

- Rosie

Care provided for 4 years

Pleasant, Professional & Caring

“I’ve recently had (our caregiver) on two occasions and she is wonderful! I am happy to have Family Home Care to pick me up from doctors’ appointments when I need a driver. The drivers are very pleasant, professional, and caring!”

- Donna

Great Service

“Great service. Great caregivers.”

- David

Care provided for 3 weeks

8 Years of Service

“Excellent quality of work, promptness, and plan of care.”

- Bessie

Care provided for 8 years


“Caregivers were personable and very helpful. Very responsive to my schedule needs. Came to my home to introduce any new caregivers and to check how I was doing.”

- Wendy

Care provided for 5 weeks

Our First Call

“This was our first time using in-home care. If the need arises again, Family Home Care will be our first call!!”

Very Happy

“I loved all of my caregivers, they were all very nice and made sure I was not in need for anything. Very professional but also made you feel like you were their friend.”

“I was introduced to all of the ladies before they actually started with me. All of their appearances were very nice. They were all very easy to talk to.”

“Very happy with the services provided by all. I was very impressed by all of their professionalism.”

- Michele

Care provided for 2 weeks

Lovely & Professional

“All workers were lovely and professional. Your care workers went above and beyond the promised level of care. They were wonderful! Thank you all!”

- Roy

Care provided for several months